SigncastFeeds™ is a cloud based CMS solution from Signcast also known as the SIGNCAST® solution.
It is an online platform for digital signage and narrowcasting. It includes a CMS, Control and Monitoring for signage of the players, and several other functions that can be used independently or as an integrated whole. The CMS provides, amongst other things, a Cloud application for managing and hosting digital signage content to be displayed on your presentation devices. The online service runs easily from your browser window, independent of location and computer operating system.

The service provides a quick, simple and effective way to publish content such as images, video’s and notices on digital signage players. Content can be uploaded to the online server via SigncastFeeds™. Images and videos which were uploaded get insterted into the ‘Feed’; which functions as a sort of playlist for images and videos. This ‘Feed’ playlist is read by the digital signage players via an internet connection and their content displayed via a screen projector, LED screen, or similar kind of device.

What makes SigncastFeeds™ unique – besides a host of other things! – is that it’s a platform-independent solution, where the user is free to upload their content themselves via a simple to use and effective online file manager. The technical implementation happens in the backend, out of sight from the user, which ensures a more stable and usable installation.

In addition to this, the platform offers extensive monitoring and ‘control’ functionality. With this ‘control’ functionality, it is also able to direct other devices, such as dynamic RGB lighting, making it extremely easy to trigger the desired experience!

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