We have an extensive monitoring and notification system. Devices can send messages. Players bring in ‘feeds’ and send ‘heartbeats’. We can connect a device to a so-called ‘status’. If the device does nto communicate within a certain preconfigured amount of time (e.g. 15 minutes), the ‘status’ becomes ‘orange’. If it does not communicate within a longer preconfigured amount of time (e.g. 4 hours), the ‘status’ becomes ‘red’. When a certain status is activated, notifications can be sent to for example an IT administrator. This could be via email, but also per SMS! We can even manage the colour of the lighting of an environment, depending on the player status.

If you’ve missed a notification, you can always review these later when logging in to the Master Status screen. Besides this, we offer an overview of the extensive monitoring search filters and export function. In our platform, you can access all players with status ‘orange’ in a specific region, like Asia, for example. Or you could show all the players that ‘John’ monitors. This way you always have optimal overview and control over your players.

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