The WebPreview function makes it possible to review the feed in your browser. This is useful when you are editing a feed or creating a new one, and you want to see what it would look like on the assigned device. Simply click the Preview button to see the feed displayed in a new browser window/tab.


The Webpreview is just to give a visual representation of the items in a feed in a glance.
And for example, the web url can be shared for review purposes only.
The Webpreview not (!) an exact representation of the playout by a player.
It does not have the same dedicated playout hardware, OS platform, performance capabilities etc.

The Webpreview is limited by the internet connection bandwidth of the user, streaming capabilities of the browser and browser limitations.
For example, a HD movie in MP4 will perform better in the Webprewiew than a HD MOV file. 
The higher the bitrate of a movie the more bandwidth the playout will consume. 
If there is too little bandwidth available then the video will stutter or show other effects.

The Webpreview can handle standard video formats like MP4 and MOV while a Brightsign player can handle VOB, TS, MPG as well.
Also WAV and MP3 is supported.
4K (H265 / HVEC) is not supported and also for the players look for equivalent models.
Also multichannel AC3 Dolby Digital is not supported in the Webpreview and also needs dedicated playout hardware, like dedicated encoder convertor processor and so.

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